AAS Nutrition

As we all know “you are what you eat” - but - what you may not know is that a great physique is down to a huge 80% nutrition and only 20% training! Busy lifestyles mean that, sometimes, you may not have the time to prepare the healthy nutritionally balanced meals that you must eat in order to achieve your goals.

Plus we also know that fuelling your body with the right stuff can be expensive.

Did you know the average monthly spend on supplements in the UK is £50 and the average gym membership is £26? - That’s a total of £76!

To help your pennies stack up, you can train for FREE at PUKKA Gym, through our unique and original “Nutrition that Pays for Your Training Membership” scheme.


When you spend over £40 on AAS Supplements you qualify for a FREE one month membership - What’s even better? You can take advantage of this offer as many times as you like!

By way of introduction, AAS Supplements, is a brand new, authentic range of nutritional supplements, created by Rich, using the knowledge he gained whilst competing and becoming crowned Champion and during his many years of experience as a qualified personal trainer/coach and nutritionist.

The AAS range of nutritional supplements has been carefully formulated to provide you with balanced, protein-rich shakes, which are quick and easy to prepare. Each product has been designed to help you reach a specific goal, be it greater size or leaner mass, and to play a part in your personal daily requirements.

Nutrition that Pays for Your Training Membership Offer Click here to purchase.

Standard memberships are available for those who do not wish to take advantage of this special offer.

Our memberships are flexible, with no lengthy contracts and no joining fees - You can pay per month, week, or daily - whatever suits you best!

Whatever your starting point, you can always improve…and with PUKKA Gym on your side (and AAS NUTRITION on the inside), we can help you to become the best that you can be!

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